Notarien “The Notary” is our newest conference room for up to 14 persons.


U-shapeup to 14 persons
Size5.5m x 4.5m

Equipment in the meeting rooms

LCD projector - TV/Video - Whiteboard - Flipchart - Wireless internet - Mineral water & goodies - Pads & pens - Table signs

And Some History…

In Sweden the title of Notary is primarily for younger lawyers who performs so-called” law clerk at the law”, that is, district court or administrative law. After the so-called "one-year appointment" the notary has the right to preside in cases of "simple nature" such as shoplifting, minor drug offenses and speeding. A competent notary has also the right to judge and make decisions in bankruptcy, divorces, curatorship, etc.

The part of the Kronohäktet (the jail), where the conference room is located, was built in the years 1866-67 and has mostly been used for administration offices. In 1924 a new Court Room was established at the top floor of this building (today the conference room “Tingssalen”. There are two separate staircases in the building. One was used by the prisoners and the other for staff, witnesses and visitors such as court staff who would participate in criminal proceedings in the courtroom.