The Prisoners’ Battle

Do you want your legs during the conference. Can you follow instructions, solve ingenious devices and agree upon a good strategy? This is the game for sharp inmates.


Which gang wins?

Do you need to stretch your legs and clear your mind during the conference? You will be split up into different gangs and everyone has to put on a striped T-shirt and a prisoner’s cap.

Can you follow instructions, solve puzzles and come up with a good strategy? If so, your gang will just have to find as many locks as possible. You might be on the right track, but are you fast enough? Has the opposite gang already been here and taken the lock? Are you looking in the wrong place? What do you have to do to outsmart the other gang?

Will you be the Winner Gang or the Loser Gang?


480 SEK. Striped t-shirt and prisoner cap included. Min. number for playing, 6 person weekdays before 16:00, 12 persons other time. Time for game about 1 hour. Statutory VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.


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