Open to the floor – both meanings. Here there is place for both wise words and great thoughts…

Up the stairs, the first door on the left – there lies the Anckarsvärd hall. The room is situated “in the middle” so it is equally close to coffee, lunch, the reception and the hotel cells.


Cinema seatingup to 60 persons
Classroomup to 35 persons
Islandsup to 36 persons
U-shapeup to 23 persons
Size7.5m x 8m

Equipment in the meeting rooms

LCD projector - TV/Video - Whiteboard - Flipchart - Wireless internet - Mineral water & goodies - Pads & pens - Table signs

And Some History…

Wilhelm Teodor Anckarsvärd (1816-1878), prison architect, drew the Central Prison and parts of Kronohäktet, today Långholmen Hotell. Kronohäktet had 200 cells built according to a model called the Philadelphia system. With this model the inmates were confined to their cells all the time. There they would devote themselves to bible studies, hard work and alcohol abstinence. The Central Prison had 500 cells, 200 day cells and 300 night cells, the so-called Auburn cells. These cells had no windows and the barred cell door opened on to the cell corridor. The central prison was demolished in 1982. Anckarsvärd was a very productive in his lifetime. He was involved in many of the 47 prisons that were erected from the middle of the 19th century. Anckarsvärd drew also the Växjö Theatre and Villa Kvickjock in Djurgården, Stockholm.