Lunch Menu

The Swedish cuisine is the base for the food prepared at Långholmen’s Inn. Season-based menus and daily orders for ingredients mean that our quality is always the best. Our inn has the Nordic Ecolabel and we use ecological ingredients as much as possible.

Monday-Friday we serve lunch of the day. A meat, fish or vegetable course at SEK 129.

Specials of the week, week 7

SEK 129
Poached salmon with shellfish sauce

Beef patties with onion


Special of the month

SEK 165
Stuffed cabbage roll with cream sauce and lingonberry

Vegetarian dish of the day, week 7

SEK 129
Monday: Mushroom and bean ragout with roasted vegetables and rice

Tuesday: Lentils with curry and cauliflower

Wednesday: Falafel with roasted root crops and mint yoghurt

Thursday: Risotto with beets and artichoke

Friday: Mushroom soup with cheese and onion quiche



Pickled herring from Norröna with chives, sour cream and fresh potato, halfSEK 105
Pickled herring from Norröna with chives, sour cream and fresh potato, fullSEK 150
Pelle JanzonSEK 145
Jerusalem artichoke soup with lavaret roe and seed crispbreadSEK 105
Small Toast Skagen (mixture of mayonnaise, prawns and dill)SEK 125
Caesar salad, halfSEK 105
Caesar salad, fullSEK 155

Main courses

Mushroom-and bean burger with Västerbotten cheese and homemade ketchupSEK 145
Poached cod with prawns and eggSEK 165
Långholmen’s fish- and shellfish casseroleSEK 165
Potato pancake with fried pork and lingonberriesSEK 130
Biff Rydberg (diced fillet of beef, potatoes & onion)SEK 255
Fried salted brisket of beef served with boiled root crops and horseradish creamSEK 140
Fillet of lamb with thyme sauce, bacon and roasted root cropsSEK 170
Långholmen’s lamb sausage with goat cheese creamSEK 160


Our homemade panna cottaSEK 55
Chocolate terrine with vanilla cherries and whipped creamSEK 90
A scoop of homemade sorbet or ice creamSEK 45
Homemade chocolate trufflesSEK 45

The Inn's Opening Hours

Weekdays11.30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturdays12.00 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sundays12.00 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Opening Hours of the Finkan Pub

Tuesday-Saturday5 p.m. – 12 p.m.


Food philosophy

We take responsibility for what we serve on your plate. The food is cooked considering both taste and environment. Locally produced, sustainable and well prepared are our philosophy.