Tingssalen is our largest conference room, very bright and with a high ceiling.

Tingssalen is situated high up in the old Kronohäktet, near the hotel reception and the hotel cells. Mälaren’s glitter and a view of the exercise yards where Gösta Ekman and Jan Malmsjö danced in the film “Release the Prisoners to Spring” (Swedish title: Släpp fångarne loss det är vår) are all part of the standard package.


Cinema seatingup to 80 persons
Classroomup to 55 persons
Islandsup to 54 persons
U-shapeup to 29 persons
Size6.6m x 10.8m

Equipment in the meeting rooms

LCD projector - TV/Video - Whiteboard - Flipchart - Wireless internet - Mineral water & goodies - Pads & pens - Table signs

And Some History…

From 1923 until the prison was closed down in 1975 the premises were used for district court sessions. This was very practical considering that the prison was just 50m away from the room. The remanded was brought to Tingssalen and after the sentence was pronounced, the convicted was taken to the Central Prison, which was demolished in 1982.