A little bigger group or management room where discussions can be held behind closed doors without any “inspection”.

Inspectoren is located in the hotel section, Kronohäktet, and offers a view over the exercising yards from the 1840s. The room is suitable for small group conferences but it can also be used as a group room at a big conference.


Committee meetingup to 12 persons
U-shapeup to 10 persons
Size4.7m x 4.5m

Equipment in the meeting rooms

LCD projector - TV/Video - Whiteboard - Flipchart - Wireless internet - Mineral water & goodies - Pads & pens - Table signs

And Some History…

Inspectoren (the Inspector) was the title of the Spinning House director. The first inspector at Långholmen was Carl Magnus Lewin,1724-1726. Lewin introduced the quantum system according to which the spinning house inmates had to carry out a certain amount of work for the term of their punishment, such as to spin yarn for uniform fabrics. The prisoners who did not complete their piecework got “detention” until the work was done. Many inspectors were famous. So was even Hans Hansson Björkman (friends with C M Bellman). Björkman neglected his duties as director and was seldom sober at work. He felt most at home as an opera singer at Gustav III’s opera house. Björkman was called the Hercules of the spinning house after his favourite role in the opera.