Långholmen’s oldest conference room dates back to 1670. A meeting room for up to 25 persons.

The fantastic stone stairs to Bryggarsalen are reminiscent of the times when Långholmen was a manor house in 17th century Alstavik. Today, this room is somewhat separate and has its own entrance. During wonderful summer days the conference sessions can easily be moved out in the green. Coffee is served one flight higher up and the inn is around the corner. Bryggarsalen is best utilised in u-shape.


Cinema seatingup to 30 persons
Classroomup to 20 persons
Islandsup to 18 persons
U-shapeup to 21 persons
Size7.4m x 8.5m

Equipment in the meeting rooms

LCD projector - TV/Video - Whiteboard - Flipchart - Wireless internet - Mineral water & goodies - Pads & pens - Table signs

And Some History…

Bryggarsalen is situated in Alstavik’s former manor house. The house was built by the brewer alderman Jochum Alhstedt in 1670. In his lifetime he was rich both as a family man (14 children from three wives) and as a brewer. He invested his wealth in the palace-like manor in Långholmen. The building was later used to accommodate the prison director until 1914 and after that it was used as work premises for the inmates.

A beautiful ceiling painting from the 17thpainting was discovered during a renovation of the prison in the 1970s. century can still be seen in the room today. The