The Prisoners, The Escape, Guided Tours and more

Experience a lot of fun and team building activities. It goes without saying that food and drink are included. Our activities are perfect for hen and bachelor parties as well as for company events. You can have a look at our weekend ideas on how to spend an eventful weekend.

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The Escape

Come along on an exciting adventure in our wonderful, beautiful surroundings. With the help of a prisoner who has been doing time since 1975, you will try to escape from Långholmen.

The Prisoners on Långholmen

Prisoner for a day, captivated for life! The activity ends up with a prison dinner.

The Prisoners' Battle

Do you want your legs during the conference. Can you follow instructions, solve ingenious devices and agree upon a good strategy? This is the game for sharp inmates.

The Food Journey

Are you looking for something more than just a dinner? The Food Journey is a combination of food and adventure. Suitable for kick-offs and company events as well as for private groups.

Guided Tours

Booking a guided tour of the former prison is a remarkable way to learn more about Långholmen’s history or to take a much-needed pause from a conference.