General terms for groups

Långholmen’s general terms and conditions for group bookings.

These general terms and conditions apply on condition that confirmation of the order is attached, or that the parties have in some other way reached an agreement that these general terms and conditions shall apply.



A group may be said to exist when an order for accommodation, with or without meals, is placed with a hotel for a group of at least 10 persons who arrive and/or depart at the same time. The calcula­tion of the number of persons is based on the number supplied by the principal on placing the order.

The principal is the person – whether a company or a legal person – who is liable for payment for the group booking.

The value of an order is the agreed price for the whole order, or the sum of the number of participants involved in the order multiplied by the price per participant, in addition to the price of specially ordered services.



An order can be made verbally or in writing.

The hotel shall confirm receipt of an order in writing (inclu­ding via e-mail) so that this can be referred to by the principal or the company.

The confirmation should contain detailed specification of the price and what has been ordered; the number of participants, meals as well as any particular wishes etc.

To book a room at Långholmen, the principal must be at least 18 years old. The principal is responsible for all their booked rooms and participants in the group and that rules of order are followed at the facility. At least 1 adult per 10 minors must stay with the group.

NB: A list of the participants’ names, including wishes concer­ning the allocation of rooms, shall be submitted to the hotel by the principal at least 2 weeks before the earliest arrival date.


Particular wishes on ordering

If the principal has special wishes as regards such things as smo­king, pets, catering or adaptation of fixtures and furnishings for clients with disabilities, these should be raised at the time the order is placed. The same applies if the principal wishes to order particular security measures.



The hotel shall, in writing, confirm receipt of a cancellation, so that this can be referred to by the principal or the hotel. For cancellations arriving later than four weeks before the given date of arrival, the principal shall pay the hotel 75 per cent of the value of the order.

For cancellations arriving later than two weeks before the start of the conference, the principal shall pay the hotel 100 per cent of the value of the order.

In cases where the order refers to several different dates of arrival of group members, the earliest date of arrival stated in the order shall apply, as in the case of the dates of arrival above.

Liability upon cancellation shall be adjusted to the extent that the hotel is able to sell what has been cancelled to another princi­pal, taking the hotel’s costs into consideration.

Should the hotel suffer special costs, over and above the value of the order, as a result of cancellation, these shall be compensated in full by the principal. This only applies when the cancellation has been made later than four weeks before the date of arrival, if the parties have not agreed otherwise.



The principal is responsible for all costs arising in accordance with the order. If participants are to pay for certain items individu­ally, this must be approved by the hotel. Should a participant not turn up for a pre-arranged meal, this shall not entail a reduction in the price. Payment shall be made according to the agreement. If it has been agreed that payment is to be made against an invoice, the same shall be paid in full no later than 10 days from the invoice date.

Should the settlement period be exceeded, the hotel has the right to charge penalty interest at the prevailing discount rate plus a sur­charge of 8 per cent from the payment date. Invoicing charges shall also be added.


Advance payment

The hotel can request payment in advance. If the advance payment is not received within the agreed period, the order is not binding for the hotel.

Upon cancellation, settlement from the advance payment shall be made in the amount that the principal is liable to pay on the grounds of late cancellation. Should any amount of the advance remain thereafter, this amount, less banking charges or equivalent, shall be repaid within 7 days from the cancellation.

Should a legal dispute arise about the principal’s payment lia­bility, the hotel has the right to retain the advance payment, up to the amount under legal dispute, until such time as the legal dispute has been resolved.


Reservation for price changes

a) If the cost of what is supplied in accordance with the order increases as a result of an increase in taxes, devaluation, decisions by authorities or circumstances comparable therewith, the hotel is entitled to increase its prices correspondingly.

b) If the hotel wishes to reserve the right to increase its prices for reasons other that those stated above, the hotel shall, at thetime of booking, clearly state that a change in price may occur.

c) The hotel shall immediately inform the principal when a price increase occurs.


Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, fires, major restrictions on supplies, or other circumstances outside the control of the hotel, entitle the hotel to cancel the agreement without having to pay damages.


Responsibility for property/causing of damage

The hotel has no strict responsibility for property which is kept in the rooms of the hotel. However, should the hotel or its employees be shown to have been negligent or careless, or otherwise be shown to be at fault in connection with the loss of property, the hotel shall be responsible for the lost/damaged property. The hotel is responsible for property stored in its locked storage room. If property is of a particularly high value, the hotel must be informed of this. The hotel is not responsible for storing property of a high value and is only liable to pay damages amounting to the full value of the property in cases where the hotel has assumed responsibility for the property. Other damage caused to the principal by the hotel’s negligence shall be compensated by the hotel. The principal is however liable for any damage caused to the hotel by himself/herself, or by the guests, because of negligence.


Legal disputes

To resolve legal disputes or uncertainties relating to conferences, the Disciplinary Board of Visita  is at the disposal of both parties free of charge. Visita  members have undertaken to adhere to the decisions of the Disciplinary Board.