We value your safety and have taken a number of measures to increase security during the pandemic.

Our ambition is that you should feel safe with your stay at Långholmen. We are closely monitoring the development of the situation and following the guidelines given by the Public Health Authority and the government.

In order to increase the safety on the facility we haven taken several measures:

  • Our already extensive procedures for cleaning the facility have been strengthened. Contact surfaces are washed with disinfectant continuously during the day. This includes door handles, elevator buttons and card terminals.
  • On all toilets we have disposable paper towels.
  • In many places in the facility there are hand sanitizers placed, but we recommend you to wash your hands several times during the day.
  • As we have always done, we continue to serve lunch and dinner by the tables. That means no buffets.
  • Waiting staff use gloves when serving our guests.
  • Subject to availability, we will upgrade your conference room to a larger one and place all companies some distance apart in the restaurant.
  • We serve the afternoon coffee in connection to your conference room. That means you will have your own buffet that is just for your group.
  • Our employees are well informed about routines on how to treat suspected illness.
  • All our employees at the facility are healthy and none of our employees has visited any of the risk areas in the past months.


If you have any questions regarding your visit at Långholmen, please feel free to contact us at +46 8 720 85 00 or email


Do you have a question? Please contact us!
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