About Långholmen

Långholmen Hotell & Restaurang AB is a privately owned company that runs a hotel, conference, restaurant and youth hostel business. We are housed in the old, renovated Crown Prison and the accompanying manor house on the island of Långholmen, in the middle of Stockholm. The complex is affiliated both to Svenska Möten and to STF (the Swedish Tourist Association).


We value your safety and have taken a number of measures to increase security in the current situation.

Find us

As the name suggests, Långholmen is a long narrow island lying between Kungsholmen and Södermalm. Västerbron (the West Bridge) stretches over the island and between Södermalm and Långholmen runs the narrow Pålsund. Two bridges lead to Långholmen. When you visit us, cross on Långholmsbron, the second counting from the City.

The company

We who work here hope that you will discover that Långholmen is not just captivating, but an island of unspoiled natural beauty.
Great novelty value, comfortable and clean rooms, quietly situated in a park with easy access to public transit. Chris, Berkeley, U.S.A.