Evening Menu

It goes without saying that Swedish ingredients are used in all our dishes. We mix much-appreciated classics such as Beef Rydberg with newly composed dishes. Following what ingredients the season has to offer plays a vital part in our Nordic Ecolabel.


Our house bresaola with wild strawberry sherbet and herb saladSEK 135
Dill and juniper berry marinated pike perch fillet served with lemon jelly, lightly pickled dill and black pepper creamSEK 125
Långholmen´s cold-smoked ramson salmon with white asparagusSEK 145
Burrata with baked tomatoes, basil and pine nutsSEK 115

Main courses

Potato, nettle and Västerbotten-cheese dumplings served with fresh asparagus and lemon creamSEK 185
Baked fillet of char with sorrel sauce and trout roeSEK 235
Seared pike perch fillet with nettle and white wine sauce, served with spring vegetablesSEK 255
Swedish spring lamb knuckle served with tomato and ramson gremolataSEK 265
Tenderloin medallions with fried asparagus and onion relishSEK 295
Diced fillet of beef, potatoes & onionSEK 285
Långholmen´s lamb sausage and warm spring salad served with mustard and tarragon dressingSEK 180


Elderflower mousse with strawberry panna cotta and tuileSEK 115
Coconut ice cream with mango crémeux and passionfruit chipSEK 115
Chocolate pie with truffle and raspberriesSEK 115
Lemon curd ice cream with preserved rhubarb and vanilla meringuesSEK 115
Small crème brûléeSEK 55
Chocolate truffles, 3 piecesSEK 75
Coffee, one homemade chocolate truffle and 3 cl liqueur (the basic range)SEK 110

The Inn's Opening Hours

Weekdays11.30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturdays12.00 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sundays12.00 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Food philosophy

We take responsibility for what we serve on your plate. The food is cooked considering both taste and environment. Locally produced, sustainable and well prepared are our philosophy.