Evening Menu

It goes without saying that Swedish ingredients are used in all our dishes. We mix much-appreciated classics such as Beef Rydberg with newly composed dishes. Following what ingredients the season has to offer plays a vital part in our Nordic Ecolabel.



Creamy chanterelle soup *SEK 125
Långholmen’s hot-smoked cod with trout roe, salt-cured egg yolk and lemon mayonnaise *SEK 145
Tartar made from tenderised beef tenderloin with pumpkin, mushroom, almonds and lovage rootSEK 165
Långholmen’s bresaola with baked tomatoes, basil and Spanish almondsSEK 145

Main courses

Autumn mushroom-stuff savoy cabbage with roasted pumpkin purée, chanterelles and lentils *SEK 195
Grilled fillet of char with cream-stewed mussels, leeks and alder-smoked pork belly *SEK 255
Poached fillet of hake with autumn vegetables, horseradish and dill *SEK 245
Oven-baked lamb brisket and lamb sausage with sage-and-lemon sauce, beans and oven-baked carrotsSEK 235
Tenderised beef tenderloin medallions with chanterelle butter and cognac gravySEK 295
Diced beef tenderloin, potatoes and onionSEK 285


Pear tartlet with almonds and cardamom ice cream *SEK 120
Rum-poached plums with dark chocolate ice cream *SEK 120
Cheese cake mousse with apple, cinnamon and hazelnuts *SEK 120
Small crème brûlée *SEK 55
Chocolate truffles, 3 piecesSEK 75
Coffee, one homemade chocolate truffle and 1 fl. oz. liqueur (the basic range)SEK 110

* Climate-friendlier meals

The Inn's Opening Hours

Weekdays11.30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Saturdays12.00 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sundays12.00 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Food philosophy

We take responsibility for what we serve on your plate. The food is cooked considering both taste and environment. Locally produced, sustainable and well prepared are our philosophy.