Afternoon Tea

Starts27 Jan
Ends28 Apr

On Saturdays, we serve classic Afternoon Tea with tasty treats in our snug inn.

Welcome to Afternoon Tea on Saturdays

Our afternoon tea will return during autumn 2018. Give yourself a treat and spend a nice moment in Långholmen’s Inn with your friend, your mother or the gang. Here you can enjoy an exciting atmosphere filled with art and history in captivating surroundings. Take a seat in our lovely lounge with open fireplace or on the bright veranda.

On our buffet we serve different kinds of canapés, fine pastries and scones. Lemon curd, whipped butter, cream cheese and Långholmen’s own marmalades are offered on the side. Why not start it all in a more festive mood with a glass of sparkling wine?

Saturdays 1 p.m.-5 p.m., SEK 260

Coffee or tea is included.


Scones, muffins, marmalade, whipped butter, cream cheese, lemon curd, biscuits, canapés, pastries and three kinds of loose leaf tea.

The Grünewald tea blend

Our home blended tea with flavors of raspberry, rhubarb and bergamot. Bring home your packet of this exclusive blend and enjoy a nice cup of tea and along with a story from Långholmen prison... He has been called "the Picasso of Sweden." Isaac Grünewald was the given central figure and symbol of Swedish modernism to his contemporaries. Constantly updated as exhibitor and provocative art debater, Grünewald was for four decades associated with virtually everything that was new, radical, cosmopolitan and "foreign" culture. In May 1926, Isaac Grünewald spent a month in prison at Långholmen. Grünewald got into a fight with a station guard at a railway station north of Gothenburg. After a number of trials, Grünewald was convicted for violence to public servant. During his time in prison, Grünewald depicted the prison environment with his brush, whereof one adorns this tea packet.

Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling tea, a light black tea, is considered to have a very exquisite taste and is sometimes called the “Champagne of teas”.

Green tea

Green tea consists of unoxidized tea leaves. The taste is more vegetable which can bring to mind hay and grass. Contains useful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.