As early as 1990, a group of enthusiastic employees at Långholmen to get involved in environmental issues. It was the first environmental group was formed. Over the years, the work was broadened to include other environmental issues such as chemicals, energy and transport. This contributed strongly to the decision taken in February 2009. It was then that we decided to label the plant. We chose this certification because we felt that it was the largest and most reputable environmental label that was. Besides this, we are also involved in “Swan networks for purchases with care”. We are also proud to 2015 have been approved under the Nordic Ecolabel new stricter criteria for hotels, conference and restaurant.
Our responsibility for the environment is an ongoing process, we can never sit back and think that now we have done ours.

Carbon offsetting

In 2012, we decided to start compensating for our CO2 emissions caused by heating, electricity, business trips, company vehicles and paper consumption.

We are Swan labelled

Certifying Långholmen for the Nordic Ecolabel is a conscious choice to work towards a sustainable society, not just in the short term but also in a longer perspective.

Environmental Work

As early as 1990, a group of enthusiasts working at Långholmen got engaged in environmental issues. It was back then when the first environmental group was created.