The Prisoners on Långholmen


Prisoner for a day, captivated for life!

A Captivating Game

The suspected criminals are brought by the guard to ”Långholmen’s Court”. The Court is located in the cellar of the old Spinning House. Our judge is usually not merciful to felons and the sentence is often life imprisonment on Långholmen! When the sentence has been presented, it is time for washing, change of clothes (striped!) and registration.

One chance for freedom still remains…

If the prisoners manage to collect a bail, set to 700,000 riksdaler, they will be released. The prisoners are divided into gangs such as the Jailbirds, the Squealers and the Beagle Boys, who compete against each other. Each gang is given an empty money bag for collecting money and a game board. The gang leader decides who is best suited to carry out each task. Each station has a screw/station host (a person from your group). The screws are tough but corrupt and can hand out points for style. Thus, charming the screws with a battle song or by going smartly in line might be a good idea. When the gangs have tried all stations (appr. seven), it’s time to meet the Judge once more. (In the summer most of the stations are outdoors.) The gang that succeeds in collecting the bail, gathering the most points of style and answering correctly to the highest number of “chance questions”, wins.

Food & Drink

It is now suitable to treat the thirsty prisoners to “bread and water” in the pub Finkan. Select the strength according to your taste (not included in the price). The event concludes with a prison banquet, with everyone still dressed in stripes, in one of our pleasant banquet halls. During dinner, revealing the results of the game might be a good idea. Maybe the winning team will sing their battle song!

Prison Party Menu


Organic Prosciutto Sambucano with mango nobis and croutons


Grilled char fillet with seasons vegetables and chilli cream


Crème brûlée tart with salad of seasonal fruits


Price: SEK 955

The price is per person and includes a three-course dinner. VAT is not included. Minimum number of game participants – 25 persons at SEK 452 each; max. number – 90 persons. The duration of the game is appr. 2 hours. Statutory VAT applies. We reserve the right to make price adjustments