Evening Menu

It goes without saying that Swedish ingredients are used in all our dishes. We mix much-appreciated classics such as Beef Rydberg with newly composed dishes. Following what ingredients the season has to offer plays a vital part in our Nordic Ecolabel.


Beetroot soup with smetana and smoked belly of pork and goat-cheese pierogi 117:-
Marinated reindeer fillet
with pickled forest mushrooms and lingonberry
Långholmen’s pickled herring plate with accompaniments 115:-
Smoked rainbow trout from Tjärö with cauliflower crème and bleak roe 145:-

VMain Courses

Poached cod with champagne sauce, bleak roe and dill 250:-
Grilled char with brown butter, hazelnuts and beets 225:-
Grilled rainbow trout from Tjärö
with fried soft shell crab, mango, chilli and coriander
Leg of lamb and lamb sausage with a taste of thyme
served with soured fennel and chilli gravy
Långholmen's homemade lamb sausage
with roasted root vegetables and mustard crème
Grilled tenderized entrecote
with broccoli, blue cheese and walnuts
Biff Rydberg - diced fillet of beef, potatoes and onions 285:-
Pasta roll with chanterelle mushrooms, parmesan and basil sauce 185:-


Pistachio ice cream with vanilla cherries and thin oat biscuit 115:-
Vanilla panna cotta with cloudberry preserve and almond biscuits 115:-
Dark chocolate terrine, roasted white chocolate mousse
and chocolate sponge cakes
Lingonberry mousse with white chocolate sorbet 115:-
Chocolate truffles, 3 pieces 60:-
Coffee, one homemade chocolate truffle and 4 cl Museum Muscat 100:-

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