Evening Menu

It goes without saying that Swedish ingredients are used in all our dishes. We mix much-appreciated classics such as Beef A La Rydberg with newly composed dishes. Following what ingredients the season has to offer plays a vital part in our Nordic Ecolabel.

The restaurant is closed during summer and will open again the 4th of August.


Crème Ninon with pilgrim scallops 125:-
Three Swedish tapas:
Ham with preserved tomatoes, Skagen canapé and Crème Ninon with pilgrim scallops
Pickled herring plate with accompaniments 115:-
Hay smoked char with lemon crème and bacon 125:-


Grilled pike-perch with roasted artichokes and caramelized hollandaise sauce 245:-
Butter fried hake with a ragout of beluga lentils,
chorizo, Swedish squid and bell peppers
Lamb leg with confited lamb brisket
with lemon, garlic and piquant dill gravy
Långholmen's lamb sausage with baba ganoush,
salad and French fries
Grilled entrecote with pickled tomatoes,
Choron butter and green salad
Biff Rydberg 285:-
Wild garlic risotto with grilled spring primeurs 185:-


Swedish cheese with fruitbread and marmalade 115:-
Curd cake with poached rhubarb and mascarpone crème 115:-
Roasted white chocolate mousse with raspberries and passion fruit 115:-
Lemon ice cream with curd and liquorice meringue 115:-
Chocolate truffles, 3 pieces 60:-
Coffee, one homemade chocolate truffle and 4 cl Museum Muscat 100:-

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