Afternoon Tea

Startar13 Sep
Slutar16 Nov

On Saturdays, we serve classic Afternoon Tea with tasty treats in our snug inn.

Our Afternoon Tea will be served again after the summer.

Give yourself a treat and spend a nice moment in Långholmen’s Inn with your friend, your mother or the gang. Here you can enjoy an exciting atmosphere filled with art and history in captivating surroundings. Take a seat in our lovely lounge with open fireplace or on the bright veranda.

We serve different kinds of canapés, fine pastries and scones. Lemon curd, whipped butter, fresh cheese and Långholmen’s own marmalades are offered on the side. Why not start it all with a more festive mood and a glass of sparkling wine?

Saturdays 2 p.m.-5 p.m., SEK 220

Coffee or tea is included.


Scones, muffins, marmalade, whipped butter, Långholmen’s fresh cheese, lemon curd, biscuits, canapés and pastries.

Three Kinds of Tea

Earl Grey

Earl Grey with a rich taste – a fine black tea flavoured with bergamot oil. Bergamot is a small citrus fruit and its oil is produced by pressing the peels.


Rooibos is made from a bush that grows in South Africa. Rooibos is also called ”red tea”. The leaves can stay long in the cup and the tea does not become bitter. Does not contain any caffeine.

Söders Höjder

A black tea with tropical fruits, orange peelings and cornflower, marigold and rose petals.