Environmental Work

As early as 1990, a group of enthusiasts working at Långholmen got engaged in environmental issues such as recycling. It was back then when the first environmental group was created. Over the years, the work expanded to include decreasing the use of chemicals, energy and transport. This contributed strongly to the decision we made in February 2009, to label the complex with the Nordic Ecolabel.

At the beginning, almost all environmental work was about waste and sorting it out in different fractions, something which was not easy considering that there were no sufficiently developed systems for receiving sorted waste.

Working actively with the environment, however, does not mean that we have been successful in stopping all CO2 discharges. The company Zeromission has helped us calculate and offset for our impact on the climate, which is used to support forestry project “Trees of Hope” in Malawi. Some activities that the project supports are the re-planting of native species in order to give farmers access to building materials, biofuels and food, and to involve people in decision-making. Sustainable agroforestry also leads to an improvement in the quality of degraded soils and enhancing biodiversity.