Climate Work

In 2012, we decided to make up for our impact on the climate. To start with, we chose to compensate for heating, electricity, business trips and company vehicles. Today, we compensate for 157.4 tonnes of CO2 in total, which means that we plant two trees a day every day.

Tree Planting

The company You&We has helped us calculate our environmental impact and we have chosen to compensate for it by means of a tree planting project in Mozambique. The project is a partnership with the certification body Plan Vivo and certified organisations in the countries where the trees are planted. The method is called agroforestry, which means that small farms combine forestry and other harvest that they need for their own consumption and sales. The farmers get ongoing advice and help on planning how to use the land.>/p>

Gorongosa National Park in Sofala, Moçambique

The Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was devastated by deforestation when refugees settled there during the civil war and practiced slash-and-burn farming. The aim of this project is to reverse the negative trends started with the civil war. Together with the local population living just outside the National Park, a business model has been developed to give incentives for sustainable forestry. Environmental, economic and social benefits follow.