Parties & Weddings

Festive and Captivating

Our classic banqueting rooms have their roots in the 17th century and are located in the palace like manor house that the master builder Jochum Ahlstedt raised for himself and his family. The period’s tasteful excess can be recognised today in the crystal chandeliers, the large windows and the warm, light colours. Perhaps our most beautiful room, as if made for the perfect celebration.
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Our day was very nice. Fantastic service and we will certainly recommend you! Petra Isaksson

Celebrations and Parties

Together with food, drink, the surroundings as well as our knowledgeable staff, we dare promise that we can make you dreams of a happy banquet come true. Our banqueting rooms are just as suitable for company events as they are for private parties. We can organise a band, troubadours, dance etc. Everything that is needed for a great party.


Get married on Långholmen, Södermalm in Stockholm - different and captivatingly romantic! Our headwaiter will be glad to help you plan for the big day, so that everything is perfect.