Guided Tours


A remarkable way to learn more about Långholmen’s history or to take a much-needed pause from a conference is to book a guided tour of the former prison.

From Crime to Chains

Come along on a captivating (to say the least) guided tour of Långholmen. Hear and see the former manor house, which became the first spinning house in Stockholm, how the island developed to become Sweden’s biggest and probably most famous prison. You will visit the museum and the exhibition From Crime to Chains where your guide will tell you what hard prison life was like. Bellman, L.O. Smith, Bildsköne Bengtsson, A. Nobel and many others more or less famous faces will emerge in the course of your journey. You will have the opportunity to enter a genuine cell but you can end your tour in Rastgården, the only preserved exercise yard of its kind.

A guided tour is suitable for a conference group as a prelude to a party and can be booked even in English. We will be happy to arrange a drink before and after the tour.

Prices and Opening Hours

Adults 65 SEK/ person
Children 7-16 years 30 SEK/child
Children 0-6 years Free
Groups 65 SEK/person*

* Daytime min. SEK 1,500, evenings, weekends and holidays min. SEK 2,000.
The price includes 6% VAT.