The Escape


Prisoner for a day, captivated for life!

Can you escape from Långholmen?

Come along on an exciting adventure in our wonderful, beautiful surroundings. With the help of a prisoner who has been doing time since 1975, you will try to escape from Långholmen. During the escape you must show your knowledge, team spirit, sense of rhythm, muscles, marksmanship and much more. You will be split up into teams and of course you will wear a striped prison uniform. As the story goes, there is always a prisoner who has been entrusted with the “key to freedom”, in case something should happen. Where has he hidden the key now? Your task is to try to find it with the help of the clues you get after successfully overcoming different obstacles along your escape route. The escape route is outdoors and it is NOW or NEVER! After several years within the walls, one is just as glad of the rain as of the sunshine. The event concludes with a three-course dinner in the Inn.

Escape Menu


Blackened raw spiced salmon with creamy herbs, mustard and apple salad


Grilled beef with Béarnaise butter, tomato salad and chips
och pommes frites


Home-made dark chocolate ice-cream served with rum-marinated berries and an amaretto biscuit


Price: 854:-

The price is per person. It includes a three-course dinner and does not include VAT. Minimum number of game participants – 15 persons at SEK 404 each; max. number – 25 persons. The duration of the game is about 1.5 hours. Statutory VAT applies. We reserve the right to make price adjustments.